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I’m so pleased to have my work included in these wonderful books…


nasty-women-poets-an-unapologetic-anthology-of-subversive-verse    This timely collection of poems speaks not just to the current political climate and the man who is responsible for its title, but to the stereotypes and expectations women have faced dating back to Eve, and to the long history of women resisting those limitations. The nasty women poets included here talk back to the men who created those limitations, honor foremothers who offered models of resistance and survival, rewrite myths, celebrate their own sexuality and bodies, and the girlhoods they survived. They sing, swear, swagger, and celebrate, and stake claim to life and art on their own terms.


Truth Memoir“Featuring over twenty candid essays from memoirists sharing their experiences and advice, as well as exercises for writing about others in your memoirs and essays, The Truth of Memoir will give you the courage and confidence to write your story–and all of its requisite characters–with truth and grace.”

beauty_jpg_w180h180This powerful anthology succeeds at intimately showing…disability  through the lenses of poetry. What emerges from the book as a whole is a stunningly diverse array of conceptions of self and other.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review


 And with all this writing, The Maternal Is Political gets the big thing right, too. It’s great writing, cover to cover. It’s all here-gender politics, sexual politics, school politics, adoption politics, religious politics, body politics, community politics, family politics, social politics–but with a mix of tone and approach that makes the book a real pleasure to read. Rather than weighing you down with the utter importance of it all, these writers make you want to think critically, get up off the couch, make a phone call, sign a petition. Do good in the world, and teach your children how to do good, also. — Food for Thought, June 11th, 2008


Literary Mama  This unique collection features the best of the online magazine literarymama.com, a site devoted to mama-centric writing with fresh voices, superior craft, and vivid imagery. While the majority of literature on parenting is not literary or is not written by mothers, this book is both. Including creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, Literary Mama celebrates the voices of the maternally inclined, paves the way for other writer mamas, and honors the difficult and rewarding work women do as they move into motherhood.


Boy A wide-ranging, often-humorous, and honest collection of essays about the experience of mothering boys. Taking on topics like aggression, parenting a teenage boy, and wishing for a daughter but getting a son, It’s A Boy explores what it’s like to mother sons and how that experience may be different, but no less satisfying, than mothering girls.


Adam & Eve “Don Martin’s selection of poems is careful and insightful. The anthology Adam, Eve, & the Riders of the Apocalypse is particularly of value to anyone who is teaching, preaching, studying, or reflecting upon the stories of Scripture.”—Eugene Peterson, Professor Emeritus, Regent College


lilith           A must-read for students of feminism, Jewish scripture, women’s literature, and anyone restless for a walk on the psyche’s wild side. —Woodstock Times


YouAreHere    All five boroughs are represented by over 60 poets.  Lighthearted or sober at times the authors explore the sense of neighborhood, or their feelings of nostalgia, loss or discovery.  While taking the streets as its subject this collection ends up being about the people who walk them.—Planet News


barefoot An anthology of the best poems that appeared in the online journal, The Barefoot Muse, 2005-2010, selected and arranged by Anna M. Evans.


KP Have you ever wondered how other women survived their 40s? You’ll get an earful in Knowing Pains, an honest, humorous, thoughtful and diverse collection of essays by real women who aren’t afraid to tell their age and tell it like it is.


51ORzBqpcgL._AA160_            Kate Hopper puts her expertise as a writer with a MFA in creative writing, Literary Mama editor, blogger, Loft Literary Center instructor, and mother to good use in a guide meant to be underlined, highlighted, reread, bookmarked, carried around, shared, by countless mothers.—Small Press Reviews



challenges-for-the-delusional-200x299 Peter’s approach to teaching poetry writing is unique and uniquely effective. His quirky prompts have given way to poems that range from humorous to serious, from affectionate to nostalgic. They’ll take their place among the workshops, panels, good meals, and late night dancing—the pleasures that abound at the Getaway.—Stephen Dunn