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A Review of Border Songs by Emily K. Michael in Wordgathering

A Review of Geode by Victoria Russell For The Dodge Poetry Festival

A Review of Geode by Ginny Kaczmarek in Literary Mama

A Review of On the Whole by Paige Bennett in SheKnows

A  Review of On the Whole by Anne Kaier in Wordgathering

 A review of my work by Michael Northen in Dispoet, a blog for and about poets with disabilities

 A Review of Left Standing by Michael Northen in Wordgathering

Print Journals Where My Work Has Appeared

The New York Times, February 12, 2017 (nonfiction).

Pentimento: Winter 2015-2016 issue, (nonfiction).

Nine Mile Magazine: Spring 2016 (poetry).

Ploughshares: Winter 2012 issue, (poetry).

Tiferet: a Journal of Spiritual Literature, August 2010 issue,


New York Family Magazine, August 2010 issue, (nonfiction).

Seneca Review, Fall 2009/Spring 2010 special issue,

The Lyric Body (poetry).

New York Family Magazine, February 2010 issue, (nonfiction).

More Magazine, October 2009 issue, (nonfiction).

The Utne Reader, September/October 2009 issue, (nonfiction).

Concise Delight, Summer 2009 issue, (poetry).

The Raintown Review, Summer 2009 issue, (poetry).

Lilith Magazine, Summer 2009 issue, (poetry).

Bellingham Review, Spring 2009 issue, (nonfiction).

The Schuylkill Valley Journal of the Arts, Spring 2008 issue, (poetry). 

New York Family Magazine, September 2008 issue, (nonfiction).

Bellevue Literary Review, fall 2008 issue, (poetry).



Feel free to contact me for freelance writing, book signings, readings, talks, and to teach writing workshops in Philadelphia, New York City, and New Jersey.